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Whether you have a million bucks to your name or only a couple of hundred, there are fundamental areas of personal financial health that you need to be on top of at all stages of your life.

Ryan Percy will provide you with the tools and tips to monitor your financial health, helping you assess whether you are treading the right path to achieve your life’s goals and happiness, therefore being a winner in the game of life.

Personal accounting services for individuals include, but are not limited to:

 Financial literacy training
 Life coaching/counseling
 Income tax return preparation
 Capital gains tax advice
 Organisational structures & asset protection
 Sole trader/home business planning
 Strategic tax & estate planning
 Salary packaging tax advice

With a little help from my friends (network of trusted specialist advisors), I also get involved in the following areas of your business:

 Home loans
 Financial planning
 Personal risk insurances
 Estate planning (legal work)