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When was the last time your current accountant worked with you at your work site, your home kitchen table or was a fly on the wall at your last board/management meeting?

This hands on involvement is offered to all business clients as I find working in your environment is the best way to truly learn about what makes you and your business tick and what solutions are required. Adding to the fact that I actually care about you and your business issues, I find it doesn’t take long for my business advisor relationship to moves to a "business partnership" - (however you keep 100% of the profits).

My services include:

 Business preparation and structuring for sale
 Business restructuring
 Succession planning
 Independent CFO/Board roles

Business services including:

 Tax, BAS compliance
 Management accounting
 Budgeting & cash flows
 Staff training

Taxation services including:

 Annual compliance
 Year end tax planning
 FBT compliance
 CGT, GST & FBT advice

With a little help from my friends (network of trusted specialist advisors), I also get involved in the following areas of your business:

 Company liquidations
 Auditing and assurance services  
 Mergers and acquisitions 
 Legal work


Fortunately, I find it common that my business clients love me so much that they also have me do their personal work too, therefore I suggest you make sure you check out my advisory services – individuals section, as I am interested in looking after your whole box and dice where possible.