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Under the guidance of mentors John Kennon, Gary Tomasetti and Mark Dunsmuir at WHK (Warragul), it did not take me long to appreciate and develop a passion for solving the "real life" problems facing business services clients operating in a multitude of industries and professions, therefore ditching my grand plans of servicing prototypical athletes with "cosmetic problems" - for that of helping everyday people and businesses (my new athletes).

Thanks to the arrival of our first child Magnus in October 2007, I changed my work status to part time with WHK to take the opportunity to spend time with him whilst completing the rigorous and intensive Chartered Accountants Program in November 2009.

It was this experience and time with Magnus that sees me in my own business today. With the arrival of our daughter Matilda on 1 July 2010 (accountant’s daughter), my wife/childhood sweetheart and I both worked part time to invest time in our kids early development, until the opportunity in July 2011 arose for her to return to secondary PE teaching (for 40 weeks of the year) full time. This resulted in me being full time daddy day care and part time accountant (full time in school holidays when we "tag").

Almost a year on, we have our "game of tag" down pat whereby I have the capacity and flexibility to see clients at times (be it weekday, weekend, morning, afternoon or night) and places (home, office or client premises) convenient to them. This part time game will continue until Matilda reaches primary school in January 2015, upon when I will flick the full time switch and launch many exciting ventures that will revolutionise the way accounting services are delivered.