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Your accountant for business, work and life ....

As the name suggests, Ryan Percy is a Chartered Accountant who prides himself on knowing everything about his client’s business, personal and family affairs – be it financial or not – be it large or small – to provide the best advice available.

Thanks to “past lives” working in hospitality, event management, sports administration and sales, Ryan’s ability to communicate with and understand client’s needs and wants is unrivalled. His uncustomary pursuit of taking the time with a client to put himself in their shoes, therefore understanding the full scope of a client’s position, inevitably enables solutions (often lateral) to their challenges to come free and flowing.

With an extremely hard work ethic, pride in professional presentation of self and work, and maintaining a thirst for knowledge about all things financial, Ryan is the star adviser to have on your team.

What we don't know - we will find out ! 

My mission is simple:

To work with every client, no matter how big or small, to give them the opportunity to live life to their maximum potential  as a result of making good decisions formed from the best advice possible…

Jerry Maguire meets the accounting profession - not your typical accountant ....

Having achieved success as an elite junior amateur golfer, reached the top of the management tree in running the Australian Open and Australian Masters golf tournaments with IMG and the now Golf Australia, and headed Australia’s largest Education & Training learning technology trade exhibition with DMG world media (where I had a mid life work-alcoholic crisis at age 25) – on the back of the unfortunate suicide of a close family friend who had received some questionable business advice, I pursued a "proper job" in the accounting profession in February 2005 with the intention to gain the necessary skills and experience to be a successful sports agent offering both financial and taxation advice to rich and famous professional athletes throughout the world!