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Your experience with accounting and tax professionals is you meet with them "XYZ times a year" at your instigation to complete (often completed by a junior employee) a compliance task, have a quick debrief on the "past" numbers and walk out the door (after paying your bill) may mean you are just a number and have been missing out on the new world of professional advice.

Having the practical experience that comes with building his own and other client’s businesses, Ryan Percy will spend the time to get to know all aspects of you and your business/personal financial position to offer truly valuable advice for today’s challenges. More importantly, thanks to a photographic memory, and excellent time management skills, he prides himself on being proactive in following up with you on action items to ensure you are on top of tomorrow’s challenges too.

With a full knowledge of your personal and business financial position and characteristics, Ryan Percy will "tool you up" with the most simple and efficient products and services to measure your affairs and also go the extra mile - to teach you how to interpret and find meaning to what you have measured, so you make the best decisions possible.

Committed to excellence in client service ...